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​“Education is an adventure and the world is an education.“​ (The Backpacking Family)

  • ​Worldschooling is learning from the world around us. 

  • The focus of worldschooling is in experiential learning - meaning that individuals learn through their lived experiences.

  • Families who choose this way of educating describe it as travelling and using the world, with its experiences and resources, to teach, grow and learn from. 

  • A common goal of Worldschooler's is to provide their children with resources from all different parts of the world to enhance their learning experiences, skills and embrace different cultures

  • Some people say Worldschooling does not have to include actual physical travel and that you can instil the ethos of this type of learning at home too. However others will say the innate component of Worldschooling is to travel and provide intentional experiences.

  • You are free to choose the type of curriculum you provide alongside travel. 

  • It enables flexibility to provide individualised education.

  • Similar to families having a range of educating styles, those who Worldschool also have different travelling styles. For example, Digital Nomads, Slow Travellers, Expats, Vacationers, Family Gappers etc. Find out more here: What is Worldschooling? - We Are Worldschoolers

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