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There are many different ways you can provide educational opportunities for your child(ren). Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming as a parent/carer when you are not happy with your current educational choice, but are unsure what your alternative options are. 

This page will give you some ideas about the different learning theories, approaches, philosophies etc that are currently used by many parents all around the world. This is a constantly changing landscape with new ways of providing education becoming increasingly popular as time goes on. Therefore this page will reflect this and will be updated regularly with new information as and when enough research is found.

If there is an educational approach that you wish to know more about and it is not on here, please do get in touch so that information can be added accordingly. 

NB: You do not have to use just one type of learning with your child. Many parents/carers who home educate use a variety of approaches together to suit their child's individual needs. This page is for informational purposes only.

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Elective Home Education


Cognitive Learning Theory

Forest School


Steiner Waldorf Approach

Reggio Emilia Approach

14-16 Provision

Charlotte Mason Method

Mainstream Education

Montessori Method

Constructivist Learning Theory

Social Learning Theory


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