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Steiner Waldorf Approach
  • The Steiner Waldorf philosophy of education has its roots in developing not just the mind, but the body and soul too. 

  • Waldorf termed this trio, 'Anthroposophy' - a spiritual philosophy.

  • Those in a Steiner setting will have a strong exposure to life experiences to learn from such as cooking, cleaning, sewing and gardening.

  • The Steiner way of learning is known to be holistic - all connected to work together to build the whole child.

  • This approach to learning encourages child-led, imaginative play and uses natural resources. 

  • Developing creativity and imagination supersedes academic focus.

  • Many people who follow a Steiner approach avoid the use of technology until the child reaches secondary education age. 

  • Educators in a Steiner setting set examples by role modelling, rather than giving instruction to children. 

  • Steiner education is heavily focused in spirituality traditionally, however schools and those who practice today are known to be inclusive and nondenominational.

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