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Social Learning Theory
  • Social Learning Theory proposes that new knowledge and behaviours are gained by observing and watching others. 

  • Learning is a cognitive process and takes place socially with others through observation or by receiving direct instruction

  • "Social learning theory states that norms, attitudes, expectations, and beliefs arise from an interaction with the cultural or social environment around an individual." (Hammer, 2011)

  • The leading theorist in Social Learning Theory is Albert Bandura

  • Learning happens through observation, imitation and modelling.

  • Bandura proposed that learning happens not only though direct interactions with others, but also through observing behaviours, even from a distance such as through the media

  • Psychologists propose that social learning happens in three stages: 1/ the behaviour is observed through exposure to the act, 2/ the cognitive acquisition of what that person sees, and then 3/ the acceptance of the behaviour modelled and application to ones own behaviour.

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