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As an active researcher, Lucie often designs and participates in research projects around her interests on child development, parenting and education. 

Occasionally Lucie will be looking for participants for projects she is working on and at those times you will find information on this page on how to get involved in the research.

Projects will be clearly marked as 'Looking for Participants' or 'Closed for Participants'.

Exploring the multi-faceted identity of the home educator: A case study approach 

Closed for Participants

Participant Information Sheet - Survey

Participant Information Sheet - Interviews

Call for Participants poster

Exploring the experiences of home-educated families’ access to GCSE level qualifications and the barriers they face.

Closed for Participants

Participant Information Sheet 

Widening access for Home-Educated applicants to HE institutions in England.

Closed for Participants

Participant Information Sheet - Interviews

Participant Information Sheet - Surveys

Journal Article

If there are no active projects but you are interested in being a participant in future research, you can register your interest below and we will be in touch the next time we recruit. 

All data provided will be handled according to our Privacy Policy which can be found on our 'policies' page. 

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