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Montessori Method
  • The Montessori Method is an education designed to support the natural development of children. 

  • In the Montessori Method, the adult takes the role a 'guide' rather than teacher. The guide becomes a facilitator in the learning, with the child an active learner

  • The Montessori Method is a child-led philosophy, self paced by the learner.

  • Children are encouraged to follow their curiosity, working towards their individualised learning goals.

  • The Montessori Method often promotes a multi-age classroom. 

  • Children are given the freedom to express and develop according to their own needs and interests

  • Children develop from an enriched environment and knowledgeable guides.

  • The Montessori Method is based on some fundamental principles:

    • Planes of Development - The Way Children Grow

    • The Absorbent Mind – A Special Way of Thinking

    • Sensitive Periods – Offer Windows of Opportunity

    • Human Tendencies – The Way Humans Naturally Behave

  • Some of the benefits of this type of education are:​

    • encourages empathy​

    • critical thinking

    • collaborative working

    • independence

"Anyone who wants to follow my method must understand that he should not honour me but follow the child as his leader."

Maria Montessori

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