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Working with RECAP Ltd

There are five main ways you can work with RECAP Ltd:
RECAP Ltd Education & Training LOGO png.png

RECAP Education & Training provides a range of training courses to suit learner needs.

Face to face, online and blended courses are available.

See our page for more information.

RECAP Ltd The Podcast Logo png.png

RECAP The Podcast is now LIVE and available to listen to on Spotify, Apple podcasts and Amazon Music. 

See our page for more information.

RECAP Lts Publishing logo png.png

RECAP Publishing encompasses everything written by RECAP, both fiction and non-fiction. 

Books, articles, reports, blog posts... the list goes on.

See our page for more information.

RECAP Support & Advocacy focuses on supporting families and raising awareness of important topics through knowledge exchange and events.

Guest speaking, groups talks, conference attendance, in addition to one to one support, mentoring and advice sessions.

See our page for more information.

RECAP Ltd Consultancy& research LOGO png.png

RECAP Consultancy and Research works with clients to provide research consultancy and advice on projects as well as delivering specific aspects of research such as conducting fieldwork, analysing data and evaluation.

See our page for more information.

If you cant find what you are looking for but are interested in working with RECAP, please do reach out and contact us. - using the contact form - email 

Or DM our socials: 

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