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Education Otherwise Than At School
  • EOTAS stands for Education Otherwise Than At School. 

  • If a young person is unable to attend mainstream or special school, EOTAS can be arranged to ensure they continue accessing education. 

  • Children may be unable to attend school due to illness, exclusion or for some other reason.

  • EOTAS is where provision is provided by the local authority, if they are in agreement that the young person cannot attend school. This decision can not be made by the parent alone, the local authority must be in agreement that there are not other options at a school setting to fulfil the child's needs. 

  • EOTAS is decided through an EHC (education, health and care) assessment

  • EOTAS is not the same as home education. Where home education means the responsibility of the educational provision falls solely on the parent/carer, EOTAS means this responsibility (and the costs involved) falls to the local authority

  • Some examples of the types of provision that may be provided under EOTAS and are included in the budget are; home tutoring, tuition centres, hospital school, therapies such as speech and language, online schooling, equipment budget etc.

  • This provision can be put in place for a young person who is unable to attend an early years setting, school or college

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