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RECAP Consultancy and Research works with clients to provide research consultancy and advice on projects as well as delivering specific aspects of research such as survey design, conducting fieldwork, analysing data and evaluation.

Project Consultancy

Do you have a research project idea but are unsure on how to progress to make it a reality?

Do you know what you want to achieve but need some advice on specifics?

Do you need advice and guidance on how to achieve impact and improve effectiveness with your research?

RECAP can provide a range of services from one off meetings to create a project plan, to regular scheduled meetings to keep a project on track, depending on your individual needs.

Contact us for a bespoke quote.

Project Evaluation

At RECAP we can work with your team to evaluate an ongoing, or completed, project. 

We will look at a number of things to help us evaluate the effectiveness and impact of your research project including timeline, the relatability of your data collection tools and the data you have gathered, whether your aims have been met and potential suggestions for improved engagement and impact.

Contact us for a bespoke quote


RECAP can offer help to design and conduct your fieldwork, based on the intended desired outcome of your research. 

Whether you need help designing your fieldwork,or you are looking for an individual to save you time and conduct the research for you, RECAP can help!

Survey Design

Interview/ Focus Group question design

Conducting Interviews / Focus Groups

Planned Observations

Contact us for a bespoke quote.

All quotes will include an initial meeting to discuss research aims and key information to assist with fieldwork design. 


We also offer packages that encorporate multiple aspects of the consultancy and research work we provide. 

If you would like to book a FREE 30 minute meeting with us to discuss your research needs, please contact us, indicating your availability and we will contact you with a selection of dates/times. 

Data Analysis

Have you collected data but are not sure what to do with it now? 

Maybe you do not have time to convert your data into meaningful, easy to understand outcomes and recommendations.

We can work closely with your research team to understand the aims and intended outcomes of your research and assist with either giving advice on analysis strategies or working with the team to analyse the data together. 

Contact us for a bespoke quote

All quotes will include an initial meeting to discuss research aims and key information to assist with analysis. 


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