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Charlotte Mason Method

“Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.”​ Charlotte Mason

  • Those following the Charlotte Mason Method for their delivery of education support the ethos developed by Mason that promotes learning to happen with booksexperiences, nature, ideas and the environment

  • The idea is to educate the whole child, not just the mind.

  • Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy abides by the twenty principles that she developed.

  • ​These principles were developed from her many years of teaching through observations of the children.

  • There is a strong sense of 'relations' through the work of Mason, with the British educator proposing that children have four main relations/key relationships:

    • with themselves

    • with others

    • with the environment

    • and with God

  • Working on these relational areas, Mason proposed the child will nurture self knowledge and respect, create important connections, build a strong connection to nature and the universe and opens the pathway to a relationship with God. .

  • There is a strong sense of 'ideas' over 'facts' - Mason was more interested in the relations formed through learning, which ideas "clicked" and deepened the learning. 

  • The way in which this curriculum is taught is through "living books" - books by experts about their passions - tailored to the child's geographical and cultural context, with some form of "narration". 

  • Children are encouraged to "narrate" back what they are learning, promoting and developing rich language.

  • Lessons are kept short to allow for the child to fully engage within a timeframe that suits them. 

  • There is a balance between hands on learning and book learning.

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